What Makes Us Special?

The Foster carer is at the heart of the team

Ownlife What makes us special

With OwnLife, you can become a foster carer with the skills, knowledge, tools, guidance and support you need to provide the very best care to children, and then children can achieve the very best possible outcomes in their lives.

Together we work hard to achieve the best potential for all children, helping them to have the best possible chance at happiness, and in that way, fostering with OwnLife is rewarding.

We provide different types of fostering; short-term and long-term fostering which can last from just a few days to several months or years. We specialise in placements for parents and child, sibling groups and teenagers.

We offer, to those who are genuinely interested in helping these children, the opportunity to become a foster carer in: Croydon, Southwark, Lewisham, Greenwich, South London and even Surrey.

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Our name reflects our goal, which is to inspire children and young people to “own” and take control of their “own lives”. We know that children who are looked after often feel as if they don’t have any control or responsibility in their own lives, and we believe this has to change.

Children and young people are the reason for everything that we do, but we never forget that Foster carers, in order to support children,  must be well cared for and valued by us too, if they are to do their very best work.

We want to help you to help them be the best that they can be, and are committed to supporting you to achieve that.

We offer 1-1 training and support to you because we know you are committed to helping your children and young people achieve their goals and aspirations.