Young people come into care for various reasons, invariably they have been let down by the adults in their lives. This is where foster caring steps in, and we are always looking for foster carers to become part of the OwnLife team. Our mission with any child placed through us is that they stay as long as possible with the same family, so as to avoid any further disruption in their life.

We’re looking for foster carers to take care in particular for teenagers, groups of siblings and parent and child placements (these are usually very young mothers and a new baby).

If being a foster carer is something you’ve been thinking about, these are some common questions applicants ask.

Can I become a foster carer?

1.    What age do I need to be to become a foster carer?

Anyone over the age of 23 can apply to be a foster carer.

2.    Does my home need to have special requirements?

It goes without saying that a secure environment which is clean and tidy is extremely important to become a foster carer, but one incredibly vital detail is that you must have a spare bedroom in your home.

3.    Do I need specific skills?

Good communication skills both written and verbal are essential. But most importantly, it is about having space in your heart to care for a young person in need. Understanding young people’s confidentiality is so important and a key skill for foster carers to develop.

Foster carer Bexley

If you are over 23, have a spare room and want to make a difference, then you may have just what it takes to become a foster carer. Let’s chat and discuss fostering as a career opportunity for you – you could then be just 8-12 weeks away from becoming a foster carer. Call us on 020 8313 3304.