We often get asked about ages of children that need fostering. In short, we foster all children from the very young up to the age of 18. Whoever is in need of support and care at an incredibly vulnerable time, we are there.

At OwnLife Fostering the majority of young people placed with our foster carers are aged 10+, although we do not restrict placements to that age. We always have some parent and child placements and occasionally sibling groups but in both cases placements are with foster carers who have been specifically trained.

Here’s further clarification on some of the main types of foster placements.

Fostering sibling groups

Sometimes a whole family is taken into care. So, keeping brothers and sisters together, where we can, is a top priority.

Known as fostering a ‘Sibling Group’, local authorities will look to place children from the same family with the same foster carer.

We know from experience how important to a child’s development and wellbeing it is in keeping siblings together. Separating them can only add to the distress of the situation. By keeping them together they have their support bubble to help them through this turbulent and anxious time.

Fostering teenagers

Good communication skills are a core value in the foster caring community and especially important when it comes to fostering teenagers. The stresses of growing up is difficult enough so a teenager being placed in care is going to go through increased pressures, and anxiety. All which need a foster carer that is a good listener, empathetic and able to communicate calmly and with understanding.

Parent and child foster carers

Sometimes our agency looks after a parent and their child.

The foster carer has a key role in supporting the parent to develop their skills to look after their baby or child. They also need to assess how well they are getting on and work closely with the local authority to provide reports.

This is an incredibly specialised role as the foster carer needs to be professional and impartial so that observations are delivered with integrity while all the time providing the safe and secure home full of love and support for their placements. This is achieved through building trust with the parent. Our role is to ensure the safety of the child, and promote the wellbeing of the parent.

Fostering in your area

Each type of placement comes with its own unique challenges. Sometimes there is not the space to accommodate siblings together, so families or individuals with homes that have more than one spare room – we want to hear from you.

We want to hear from anyone who feels they have space in their home and their heart to look after children who need a warm, safe and nurturing home, whatever their age.

We have an urgent need for foster carers in Bexley and Bromley.

Become a foster carer with OwnLife Fostering, contact us today.