At OwnLife Fostering, a key area of specialism amongst our foster carers is fostering sibling groups.

Research by the BBC revealed that more than 12,000 children in care are not living with at least one of their siblings.

New legislation in Scotland has been introduced giving siblings’ legal rights to maintain relationships. This is an important update helping siblings maintain those much-needed relationships that will help nurture children and help them grow.

Elsewhere in the UK, Local Authorities strive to place siblings with the same foster carer first and foremost, however this may not always be possible. Foster carers may not have space in their home, there may be a shortage of foster carers when needed and sometimes it may be difficult to place step or half brothers and sisters together.

This is why it is so important for our ongoing recruitment programme we look for foster carers that have the space and capability to foster sibling groups.

Key foster carer skills

Good communication skills are a key part of the role of being a foster carer looking after children of all ages. Being empathetic and understanding and offering ongoing encouragement helps a child to develop and become the person they were destined to be.

However, where siblings are involved, the relationship between brothers and sisters provides that extra support at such a traumatic time. They can help each other settle into a foster home and they truly understand what the other is going through which helps to manage anxiety.

Becoming a foster carer for sibling groups

We understand that it can be quite difficult to accommodate two or more foster children at one time which means we are always in urgent need of a foster family that has the space and the room in their heart to support sibling groups.

Without the dedication of foster care families, this can lead to siblings being separated and children potentially being placed some distance from their birth family.

We also look to place teenagers as well as parents with a baby with foster families. So, if you would like to become a foster carer or are looking to transfer to us, get in touch today.