Types of fostering placements

These are some of the types of fostering placements:

Short term 

Short term placements are made when the local authority is considering a child’s care plan and making decisions about what should happen next.

Sometimes these are made in an emergency.

Some short term placements can last for a long time, and this type of fostering covers many situations. Some children will stay with you, others may return to their families. Some children need help making a transition in their lives, and some may be moving to new adoptive or long term families.

As a short term foster carer you need to be able to provide a safe and secure place for a child to live.

You will be working with your supervising social worker together with the local authority to plan for the long term future of the child.

In some cases, staying with a short term foster carer permanently may be the outcome.

Long term 

Long term placements are designed to provide permanence and stability for children, and long term foster carers fully integrate children into their families.

Whilst not a legal break like adoption, long term or permanent fostering provides a continuity of care, and children will still have contact if appropriate with their families.

Sibling groups

Sometimes children need to be separated from their siblings, but others need a placement together. This type of fostering can be short or long term, and will involve caring for a family or part of a family of children, who may be different ages and genders, with very different needs.

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Parent and Child

Sometimes a parent, may need to be placed in a foster family with their child, so that an assessment can be made of their parenting ability. Sometimes if the parent is younger, the parent will be “looked after”, as well as their child, but in other cases it will only be the child.

These specialist placements require foster carers to be able observe and assess, and write reports for the local authority.

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Become a foster carer

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