OwnLife Fostering Training

TSDS Workshop on Personal and Professional development.

The carers considered the models of reflective practice by Kolb and Gibbs.

They were able to identify within their own practice the stages of an event happening, identifying the feelings they had around the event, reflecting on that, evaluating, drawing lessons, and learning.

They felt that by understanding reflective practice they would be more in control of what was happening around an event, more in control of themselves, more confident, and less shocked by events as they unfold. This practice allows you more space.

In terms of an event which had happened to them, for example a child being out of control, they recounted feelings before the event of everything being normal and calm, but feelings of anxiety, confusion, stress and sadness as the child acted out, and feelings of tiredness disappointment, and disbelief, after the event.

On reflection, they grew in confidence and considered that if it happened again they all had personal learning which would help them deal more effectively with  a similar situation of it happened again.

They were also able to reflect on the child’s feelings of being scared and powerless, and being left with regret or fear, and sadness.

Their action plan included insisting on as much information before a placement as possible, and attend training on behaviour management so that they have more strategies.

Their learning was that:

  • They have become more aware
  • They have raised their capacity for empathy
  • They understand the need for dialogue and openness
  • They will now step back, evaluate, stop and think, before acting.
  • They will be more patient
  • They have a much better understanding of the matching process
  • We should never give up on a child

Message for the agency:

The carers had felt very supported in their individual crises with children in placement, both during the day, at night and at weekends.