With Foster Care Fortnight running from 10-23 May 2021, this is a time when the whole fostering community gets together to raise awareness of fostering and to celebrate the foster care community.

To time with this, we recently shared our thoughts on foster care in London with Police Life magazine.

In the article we spoke about how every case is unique and therefore care, empathy, patience and support are key values required of any foster carer. As no child has asked to be taken into care, it’s the role of the foster carer to provide a sense of normality in what is a very traumatic experience for the child and thus help to give them the best chance in life.

To become a foster carer you need to meet certain requirements one of which is to have good communication skills both written and verbal. This is why we spoke to Police Life magazine as Police officers’ skills are ideal to transfer to the role of foster carer.

The foster carer role can be challenging at times yet rewarding. From day to day, week to week you will be required to attend meetings, keep records, manage behaviour and promote contact with birth families.

Our director and the owner of OwnLife Fostering, Carol Hammond, also shared insight into why she set up our foster care agency: “When I took retirement, I decided I wanted to invest time in supporting young people. Initially I worked as a volunteer counsellor during which time I spent eight years working with prison inmates. That was 20 years ago. OwnLife Fostering has been supporting young people across all London Boroughs since 2005.  

“The children and young people who come into foster care are at the centre of everything we do. We know that they are going through incredibly difficult times, and we understand that it’s their Own Life and that their future is worth it,” Carol adds.

You can read the full article in Police Life here.

How to become a foster carer

If being a foster carer in London sounds like something for you then we are urgently looking for foster carers in all London boroughs including:- Ealing; Brent; Hammersmith and Fulham; Harrow; Hillingdon; Hounslow; Lewisham; Royal Borough Kensington and Chelsea; Westminster.

 If you are interested in becoming a foster carer, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be over the age of 23
  • Have a spare bedroom
  • Have good communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Be able to provide a secure home and environment
  • Share OwnLife Fostering’s determination that ‘we will never give up on a child’

Become a foster carer in London with OwnLife Fostering call on 020 8313 3304, email fosteringinfo@ownlife.org.uk or visit www.ownlifefostering.co.uk