Finding things to do in the holidays to keep kids occupied and ensuring they can have fun at an affordable price is hard enough. But now there is the even harder task of keeping children entertained under the restraints of COVID-19.

All concerns surrounding this are completely valid and we understand that parents and foster carers everywhere may be stressed thinking about what different and fun activities they can do during the holidays – which is incredibly exhausting especially after a year of home-schooling!

At OwnLife, we have compiled a list of activities and organisations which hold fun online events to help take care of the holiday planning for you.

We’ve also made sure to include some activities for you, the foster carers and parents, as to be the best role model possible it is important to take a moment for yourself.

Tate kids 

Over the past year the Tate has provided many great resources and they certainly haven’t let up.

Tate Kids is dedicated to creating entertaining and educational activities for young kids. They have arts and craft ‘How To’ videos, quizzes, and educational videos on famous artists.

If you are also looking to get involved, check out their Create Like an Artist section which is full of free material for adults and kids such as tips for painting, how to print like Andy Warhol, or creating sculptures.

BBC resources 

BBC has a whole host of resources for both adults and children.

A BBC Bitesize article comes up with a list of activities by working through the alphabet -that’s 26 things for you to tick off! They start with A for Astronomy – learning about stars and space. Ending with Z for Zooming In – creating a video diary.

The BBC Bitesize homepage contains lots of content including lessons for all ages, kid friendly news clips, games and much more.

They also have a helpful toolkit for parents on how to cope with teaching and coming up with activities at home.

Fantastic for families

Fantastic for Families is an amazing website which has pulled together a huge variety of fun free and paid for events to keep your kids busy. They have events run by museums, theatre companies, galleries etc. aimed at being fun for children of all ages and for their foster carers.

Free events include theatre shows such as Peter Pan (until 31 March 2021) and Frozen (until 30 April 2021). There’s also a Virtual Museum Club and Tours as well as courses such as photography.

Paid events include online dance classes from £1, virtual drama clubs from £3 and a collection of other theatre shows.

They also promote online events for children of all abilities working with companies such as Head2Head Sensory who focus’ on children with special needs and making theatre accessible for all.

National Trust

National Trust was a popular option for many families pre-Covid, and it continues to be. In the For Families section, National Trust shares baking recipes through to gardening activities. As well as a Peter Rabbit themed page full of printable activity packs – perfect for Easter.

We hope we have offered and inspired a range of activities for you and your child to participate in over the holidays.

We understand how difficult it can be so at OwnLife Fostering that’s why we offer our foster carers 24/7 support. If you are interested in becoming a professional foster carer learn more about how to become a foster carer with OwnLife Fostering.

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