In Kent and Surrey, there are many teenagers needing foster placements. If you are over the age of 23, have a spare room and space in your heart, you may just be what we’re looking for.

You must be able to offer a range of skills to become a good foster carer; being mindful, empathetic, and understanding. Communication is key value in the foster caring community. Communication needs to be strong and clear between the foster carer and the young person involved, especially in the case of teenagers. Going through puberty is hard enough and mixing in the stresses and anxieties of family issues means a kind and aware carer is needed. Children may be influenced by peers, make wrong choices and be labelled a certain way. So, it is up to the foster carer to be an active listener, empathetic and give thoughtful responses.

At OwnLife, we are here 24/7 to help our foster carers giving them advice and support. We have a range of workshops, each of which gives guidance of how to overcome the various challenges one may face while fostering.

If you feel you have the qualities that we at OwnLife value to become a foster carer in Kent or Surrey, give us a call on 020 8313 3304 to talk with us about how to become a foster carer.