The newest addition to OwnLife Fostering’s training support for foster carers. 

Our foster carers now have a new set of practical advice and training based on the Fostering Changes programme.  This is a unique model drawing on ideas and research concerning parenting techniques, CBT positive behaviour strategies and developing positive relationships with children.

This is an immensely helpful approach to the work foster carers do, especially with complex and challenging children.

Managed initially over a 12-week period, it is followed up with ongoing support from the agency’s social workers.

Fostering Changes was developed at the Maudsley hospital in south east London and since 1999 the package of materials has continued to be update and has been well received by foster carers all over the country.

Find out more about OwnLife Fostering’s induction training programme and mandatory courses for foster carers here.

Becoming a foster carer is one of the most amazing things you’ll ever do. If you’re interested in becoming a foster parent, get in touch. Ownlife Fostering places children into foster care in South London and the surrounding areas.