Foster care is when a child is cared for by someone who is not from their birth family. Children can come into care at any age from babies up to the age of 18, and in some circumstances a foster carer is sought to take care of a young parent and child.

Parent and child carers offer a very specialised form of fostering. At OwnLife Fostering, we train our carers in this crucial role.

The role has two main tasks. One is to support the parent and help them develop their parenting skills, and the other is to observe and make an assessment report to the local authority

These placements are challenging not only for the carer but also because of the expectations placed on the young parents. We therefore ensure our foster carers have the right training to educate, advise and support parents in placement and also promote appropriate parenting behaviour.

The role of the carer is to always safeguard the child, sometimes a new baby, and it requires a carer to be able to make relationships under sometimes difficult circumstances. They must also remain completely professional and honest; challenge and support; and be part of a process that makes the best decision for the future.

If you think you have what it takes to nurture and teach young parents at such a vulnerable time, then please take a closer look at our information on parent and child foster care and our requirements for recruitment. We will assess carers specifically for this role and where appropriate we will also use existing carers who were not originally approved for parent and child work.

Read more about the requirements for foster caring for a young parent and their child here.

If you’re interested in becoming a foster carer, get in touch. Ownlife Fostering places children into foster care in South London and the surrounding areas.