Foster care is for children of any age up to 18 years old, this means we’ll be looking to place teenagers with foster carers.

Children of all ages will come with their own set of challenges, and teenagers are no different, but not necessarily more difficult to care for.

As a foster carer, you can draw on your own experiences as a young person and help by being a role model.

Teenagers are already going through many changes, physically and emotionally so the communication skills of a foster carer are vital. Be calm when offering advice and remember to listen. A caring and safe environment is key for these young adults.

Young people need you take an interest in them, listen to what they want, and be understood. They need to feel safe, have boundaries, and good advice.

Become a foster carer in Croydon

If you’ve been thinking about fostering in some part of South London, such as Croydon, then why not give us a contact us on 020 8313 3304 to find out more about how rewarding it can be. At OwnLife Fostering we make sure our carers receive comprehensive training to look after children of all ages. The most important thing is that you have what it takes to inspire children and young people to own and take control of their own lives.