Being a son or daughter of a foster carer is a unique experience. As a family develops into its role as a foster family, the sons and daughters all play a key role in fostering. The whole family fosters and everyone needs support and training.

October is the month we celebrate how sons and daughters contribute to the fostering community. This is an annual campaign by the Fostering Network and it’s a time to celebrate the impact the children of foster carers make to foster care. This year’s theme is #GrowingUpFostering. So, follow the hashtag to learn more.

Becoming a foster carer with your sons and daughters

As the Fostering Network indicates: “Many people say that the potential impact on their children is one of the major barriers to becoming a foster carer.”

However, what’s important to realise is that a foster child can really benefit from being in this environment with other children and young people. Your children are there to welcome foster children and young people into their home. It helps with development and encouragement of a foster child to become the people they were destined to be.

We regularly ask the children of our foster carers what they think about living in a fostering family, what they like and what they would change, and if they need any support. This helps us create specific training and support for foster carers and children.

Over the year’s we’ve held events and activity days that would include birth children and fostered children and these continued virtually throughout the pandemic.

Thank you to our foster families

October helps to shine a spotlight on our sons and daughters and we say thank you to all the families who foster and the very special contribution by the children of these families.