In our ‘5 minutes with’ column, we chat with foster carer Bunni who gives insight into her inspiration to become a foster carer and what the fostering assessment process is like. 

If you’ve been interested in becoming a foster carer then this is a must read for background on the experience and commitment to helping children and young people that foster carers possess. 

What was your inspiration to become a foster carer? 

Bunni says: “After hosting students for over 15 years and still receiving communications from some that call me their British Mum, I wanted to do something that would make even more of a difference to younger lives. 

What was the foster assessment process like?  

Having taken the initial step to become a foster carer Bunni proceeded with her application with OwnLife Fostering 

My journey through the assessment process was actually extremely enlightening. My social worker helped me walk through my life from beginning to end and I now think I know more about myself than I did a year ago, says Bunni.  

What are you looking forward to in your career as a foster carer? 

Bunni comments: I am mostly looking forward to when I see those ‘penny drop moments’ young children have at that clearly a pivotal moment in their life and they have just realised something. I really hope that I can bring many of those life changing moments to any of the children that I would be entrusted with. 

What has it been like to work with OwnLife? 

On working with independent foster care agency OwnLife Fostering, Bunni adds: I really don’t know how I could find a much more comforting, encouraging, empowering, and supportive team than the one that is at OwnLife. I am really looking forward to building a secure and longlasting relationship with them. 

Become a foster carer at OwnLife Fostering  

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