When you’re a foster carer, keeping in touch with young people you have fostered is really rewarding. When you look after children and young people, you form close relationships with them that are lasting, and this may not be something they have experienced before.

One of the most recent campaigns by The Fostering Network, the UK’s leading fostering charity, is all about ‘Keeping Connected’ which builds on its policy position on the topic of foster carers keeping in contact with former placements. The charity explains: “Maintaining good relationships can matter more than anything else for children in care. In contrast, damage to children can occur when strong relationships are broken, against their wishes. The Fostering Network believes that children and their former foster carers should be supported to maintain contact where it is deemed to be beneficial to the child.”

We have lots of examples of our foster carers keeping in touch with children after they move on. Most recently one of our foster parents told us about regular visits she has from a young mum and her baby who stayed with her as part of a parenting assessment. They’ve enjoyed lunch meet ups and spent time visiting places of interest along with the carer’s current foster child. They keep in contact by phone which is nice for our carer to see how the baby is developing, “it’s great to see how they are getting on,” comments our carer.

Nurturing these relationships is often referred to as the “golden thread in a child’s life” – as laid out in The Care Inquiry, 2013. It helps to build confidence and trust. When our carers build strong relationships and positive attachments it benefits the young person in many ways and staying in touch helps them feel connected and safe in the world.

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