Become a Foster Carer in Greenwich

We’re recruiting Foster Carers in Greenwich

The types of placements we need in Greenwich vary depending on the children and teenagers that need caring for. At OwnLife Fostering the majority of the children that we care for are over the age of ten and generally teenagers and we also have an emphasis on sibling groups.

Become a Professional Partner with us:
  • OwnLife foster carers are supported 24/7
  • Professional allowance and financial support package to cover all of the costs of fostering a child/young person
  • Training, learning and ongoing professional development
  • Fostering support groups
  • Therapeutic support

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    Are you over 23 years?Do you have a spare room?

    How to Become a Foster Carer in Greenwich

    Becoming a foster carer in Greenwich is simple:

    1. Complete our enquiry form.
    2. We’ll contact you within 24 hours. In this phone call, we’ll discuss fostering as a career opportunity for you and answer any questions you have. We’ll also arrange an initial meeting in our office and organise a time for a home visit. This is an opportunity to talk in depth about becoming a foster carer and what it entails.
    3. After the home visit, we’ll assign a social worker to you who will start the formal process of becoming a foster carer. This involves 6-8 visits to your home and a 3-day training session. OwnLife Fostering aims to have the whole process completed in roughly 8 weeks.
    4. The final stage in becoming a foster carer is for you and your assigned social worker to attend a fostering panel for consideration of approval. After this, you are ready to start your new career in foster care.

    The most important thing is that you have what it takes to inspire children and young people to own and take control of their own lives, and the determination to never give up.
    To find out more about Fostering in Greenwich, contact us. At OwnLife Fostering, there’s a type of fostering to suit you.

    If you're interested in discussing our fostering services please contact

    Telephone: 020 8313 3304

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    Fostering in Greenwich

    There are children all across the South East who are faced with difficult circumstances and need to spend time being cared for in a new loving and caring environment. To help minimise disruption to their current lives, we aim to place foster children and teenagers in foster homes within their local area.

    If you live in Greenwich and you have a spare bedroom, then you might well have what it takes to become a foster carer.

    At OwnLife Fostering we are recruiting foster carers who are interested in fostering in Greenwich. If you already have experience in foster care and have considered transferring agencies, we would love to hear from you.